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Your Marvelous Bronze technician  has been certified by AVIVA Labs and should be able to present their certificate to you if you would like to see it prior to your session!


PRE Tan Preparation:

  • Exfoliate your skin head to toe and shave/wax either earlier in the day of your spray or the day before.  For instance; if your tan is scheduled for 4pm, you can shower and shave in the morning.  About 8 hours is recommended for your opened pores to close, but not completely necessary.

  • Do not moisturize 8 hours before your appointment.  This allows the ultimate absorption of the DHA into the skin. 

  • Do not wear makeup

  • Do not wear deodorant (it can be applied after your spray)

  • Wear loose fitting clothing for after your spray….dark preferably….however do not stress over the color.  The AVIVA product does not transfer easily and dries quickly.

  • Wear flip flops---if weather and temps permit of course! 

  • YOU can wear any level of clothing, or not, for your actual spray.  Some women prefer topless, underwear only, bathing suit, nude, or shorts and a tank top.  Whatever your comfort level is!



POST Tan Procedures:

  • Wait the appropriate time before showering or sweating excessively.  This time will be determined upon consultation.

  • Shower with only water (a “rinse” off) for the first shower after your spray.

  • Moisturize daily.  I cannot stress this enough!  Because the AVIVA spray tan solutions do not contain excess ingredients it can make your skin a little dry.  HOWEVER, the trade off of a gorgeous bronzed color is SO worth it!












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